With one expert stroke, the skin radiates health and beauty.

There once was a doctor who would write a special prescription known as a "magisterial formula" and a pharmacist who would make the galenic solution, a precious mixture created on the spot to treat certain skin issues and restore it to its former beauty. Today, this legacy of craftsmanship and knowledge are embodied in Cosmetici Magistrali Milano, the brand founded by dermatologist Riccarda Serri and Cantabria Labs Difa Cooper at the end of the 1980s in the capital city of Milan, a union of intentions in the name of wellness and beauty to meet the needs of the most delicate, sensitive, or problematic skin.



The values of care, well-being, science and ethics are inherent in Cosmetici Magistrali.

Operating in the dermatological sector thanks to the know-how acquired in scientific research and clinic studies, we are able to provide unique and exclusive solutions thanks to our many patented technologies.

In order to minimize any harmful effects on the environment, Cosmetici Magistrali has always operated with the highest regard for nature by making ecologically responsible decisions. Our cosmetics, along with their ingredients, are not tested on animals, as set forth in applicable European Regulations. 

Additionally, beginning March 2013, compounds to be used for cosmetic purposes that contain ingredients tested for certain toxicity studies (repeated use toxicity, reproductive toxicity, and toxicokinetics) have been prohibited from being marketed in cosmetic products. 

Cosmetici Magistrali research produces cosmetics based on ingredients that are safe for consumers, and is committed to using trials that replace toxicological tests. 

Because the health of the environment and the welfare of people are interdependent, all of our branded packaging, wrappers, and bottles are recyclable and made in accordance with safety regulations to protect the environment.


Cosmetici Magistrali Milano: a ground-breaking approach to facial skincare that combines the traditional practice of dermocosmetics with the most recent advancements in cosmetic science.

Active ingredients created to ensure maximum dermocosmetic performance are used to guarantee the efficacy of the formulations, which are the result of thorough scientific research and many years of experience in the dermatological field, refined with the assistance of a team of expert dermatologists and aesthetic doctors. Plus, the senses are gratified by extremely pleasant textures.
The products's efficacy and tollerability are supported by many clinical trials.