Cosmetici Magistrali products are sold in pharmacies and over-the-counter pharmacies.Click here to find the pharmacy closest to you. When the product you are looking for is not available at the pharmacy, you can order it directly. Ask your pharmacist.

We do not send samples by mail. Cosmetici Magistrali samples are only found at the pharmacy. Ask your pharmacist for advice and try the sample that is best for your skin. At the pharmacy you will also find product testers to discover the textures of our products.

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The complete list of ingredients is provided on every product package and is available on each product page on our website (search for “ingredients” in the menu).

Each product is marked with the PaO (Period After Opening) that indicates the recommended use period. Generally, the product is good for 6 to 12 months after opening. It is indicated by a symbol showing an open container with a number and the letter “M” for “MONTHS”.

Nickel is a heavy metal and is therefore found everywhere. Consequently, traces of it can be found in any product - cosmetic, food, etc. For this reason, we consider a nickel test to be superfluous, as it is not indicative of a complete absence of nickel in the product. For people who are allergic to nickel, we advise doing a test on a tiny area of skin at your neighbourhood pharmacy to see how the product may affect you. In reality, the allergic reaction is dependent on a number of variables, including the “amount” of traces present in the cosmetic, the subject's sensitivity to the substance, the type of cosmetic product (rinse-off or intended to remain on the skin), the consumer's use of the product itself, and consequently, the level of exposure to the nickel it may contain.

All our cosmetic products and supplements are developed and made in Italy.

All our cosmetic products and supplements are developed and made in Italy.


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