Creams and supplements to protect your skin from the signs of aging and atmospheric agents


Take care of your skin
Protect and listen to your skin.

Cosmetici Magistrali has been specifically created to satisfy the needs of your skin, providing the skin with everything it needs for complete health, youth and beauty.

What does your skin need?

Do you need hydration, care, protection? Cosmetici Magistrali is synonymous with expertise in the science and dermatology. The entire range offers safe, effective and pure products, based on natural or biotechnological ingredients formulated to meet all skin requirements.


Caring for your skin means listening to what it is saying about you: it can be dry, dehydrated, oily, wrinkled or damaged by the sun, asking for nutrition, care, hydration or protection.

Our values

We believe in the scientific rigor of our research: we develop products for the skin based on unique, safe, effective and pure ingredients, formulated to meet the specific needs of each skin according to your daily treatments.


Cosmetici Magistrali has always worked with the utmost respect for nature through eco-sustainable alternatives in order to minimize negative impact on the environment.