Cosmetici Magistrali Discromia Control Day Spf 50

Age-Control cream SPF 50

DISCROMIA CONTROL DAY CREAM SPF 50 is a fluid day cream with SPF 50 sun protection to prevent and to help fight against the signs of skin photoaging caused by exposure to sun radiation (UVA – UVB – HEV) or tanning lamps.

DISCROMIA CONTROL DAY CREAM SPF 50 acts as an anti-wrinkle cream, stimulating a delicate cell renewal and preventing the appearance of new wrinkles and dark spots. It also avoids the worsening of those already present.

DISCROMIA CONTROL DAY CREAM SPF 50 makes the skin firm, compact and luminous.

Suitable for daily protection of wrinkled. It is used to prevent the formation of new photoinduced damage or the depigmenting following dermo-aesthetic treatments (ex. laser, peeling).

Category: Tags: , Formati: 50 ml bottleTecnologia: RETINSPHERE®, Spot Correction ComplexIngredienti principali: RetinSphere®, Spot Correction Complex, Physacort®, UVA - UVB - HEV (SPF 50) sun filters.

RetinSphere® age-reset technology, a combination of two Vitamin A derivatives, stimulates  delicate cell renewal, improving discolorations and preventing the formation of new wrinkles as it acts on those already existing.

The synergic action between Spot Correction Complex, that helps improve discolorations, and the complex of sun UVA – UVB – Visible (HEV) filters (SPF 50) able to protect the skin from damage caused by sun exposure, prevents the formation of new spots and wrinkles and avoids the aggravation of those already there .

Apply on clean, dry skin in the morning, distributing evenly and avoiding the eye area. For optimal results use with DISCROMIA CONTROL SERUM, an intensive night depigmentation serum.