Cosmetici Magistrali Kamilla 400ml

Cleansing lotion for the face and eyes

Soft cleansing lotion indicated for cleaning of face and eyes contour, without rinsing. KAMILLA combines the soothing action of the distilled water of the Chamomile, with the refreshing action of the water distilled from Lime. You can soak a cotton disc and place it over tired, swollen and reddened eyes.

KAMILLA gently removes makeup and impurities without irritating, being especially suitable for sensitive skin.

KAMILLA has been formulated with the same pH and saline concentration as tear fluid (isolacrimal pH), for that reason is suitable for all skin types.

Category: Tag: Formati: 400 ml bottleIngredienti principali: Distilled Water of Chamomile, Distilled Water of Tiglio

Kamilla cleans and removes makeup from the face and the area around the eyes. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Use with a cotton pad. It is not necessary to rinse your face after use.