Cosmetici Magistrali Mixage Lift & Fill

Remodelling booster treatment enriched with Jalubalance®, a Hyaluronic acid (1%) and Opuntia oil based innovative technology with rebalancing, nourishing and moisturizing properties. The Royal jelly and tensor effect peptide help to counteract loss of tone and skin elasticity. The facial complexion appears visibly fresher and more and radiant. Suitable for photoaged skin, with loss of tone and skin elasticity.

Category: Tags: , Formati: 15 ml bottleIngredienti principali: Jalubalance® (1% Hyaluronic acid and Opuntia oil), Royal jelly, Peptide

Remodelling booster treatment. Counteracts loss of tone and skin elasticity, redefines the contours of the face for a lifted and plump face.

To enhance the effectiveness of daily treatments use a few drops as a base serum before your usual day/night treatment or mix a few drops of serum with your usual face cream in the palm of your hand.